Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 10

So here I am on day 10 and I have done pretty well.  Sunday evening I did have some beans and rice because I've been sick and that seemed to help and last night I had a chicken bowl from Flame Broiler.  All in all this cleanse is going pretty well and I've figured out that part of my problem was the lack of protein.  I've discovered that Garden of Life Raw Protein in the Vanilla Chai mixed with almond milk is my favorite.RAW Protein
It keeps me from feeling like I'm fading at the end of the day and makes my tummy not feel as empty.  So I'm going to continue on with this in addition to the juice for a while, and I may have some treats here and there, but this is for a long term thing not just a quick fix, so I'm good with that.  All in all this is more about making my relationship to food more normal.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 2 of Cleanse 2

So here we are at the end of day 2 and I'm feeling pretty tired today, I'm not sure why, but there it is.  I'm also feeling somewhat touchy, like there's something I'm missing and everyone else knows what it is and doesn't want to tell me.  I think maybe it's just because I'm so tired.  Anyhow, that's all the update for today.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Juice Cleanse #2

So we've decided to do another 60 day juice cleanse.  What brought us to this conclusion was that we've gained a lot of weight back from the first cleanse almost a year ago and Steve and I are both feeling really sluggish and gross.  I still have quite a bit of weight to lose and this seems to be the healthiest way I have found to do so.  When we're just juicing I can't fall back on processed foods with low calorie counts to get me through the day.  This is all whole foods all the time.  The things I'll be doing a little differently this time is that I'm going to add a teaspoon of oil into one juice a day to keep gallstones away.  My Mom had to have her gallbladder removed due to some major stones and I don't want to get anywhere close to that so I'm taking that precaution.  I'm also going to add in some almond milk and vegan protein powder for days that we go on longer hikes, which I'm hoping we do more of this time around.  As for exercise, we are on week 5 of the Couch to 5k running program and we're doing really well.  Steve is running with me this time and it's really pushing me much harder than I would do on my own.  He's majorly increased my time.  I'm going to try to post more this time with weight updates and emotional updates.  The last time we did this it was much more emotional and mental than I was prepared for, we'll see what this time brings.  So here we are at day 1 and I'm feeling really good about our ability to do this, we're determined!