Sunday, January 5, 2014

I made it!

Sorry this post didn't come sooner, I attempted to post it from my phone and it still says it's posting 2 days later.  I did make it to Kansas Friday evening around 6 PM.  It was a beautiful drive in, Western Kansas is a little monotonous, but I got to see Greensburg, the town that was devastated by tornado and is rebuilding using ecofriendly building practices.  That was pretty cool.  The sunset was gorgeous and Tink did really well, I let her out of her kennel because she was not a happy camper.  She spent the majority of the time under the passenger seat and would pop up to check our progress from time to time.  I'm really glad to be here, everything's been great.  We got a couple inches of snow last night and it is beautiful, fluffy, dry snow, my favorite kind.  I'm heading out to the house we're housesitting at today to get the lay of the land.  From what I hear it's beautiful, I can't wait!  I'll post more soon...

Friday, January 3, 2014

Bound to Happen

So I knew it was bound to happen, even with GPS it was bound to happen. This morning when I left my hotel I stopped for coffee and gas, after I was done I put my parents address into my GPS and followed the directions, I didn't think to check them very closely until the signs on the highway starting giving mileage for Las Vegas, that's when I looked closer. My GPS was going to take me through Denver. In January. In a VW rabbit. So I turned around and picked up I-40 like I knew I should have from the beginning and I'm only an hour and a half off what I was expecting. The plus side to this? Gorgeous sunrise. I may not have as many updates today add I'm going to try to stop less so I can make up some time.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Apple Turkey

I made it to Albuquerque right before 7 local time tonight. Sunset was gorgeous and the drive was super easy. Tink was great the entire drive, she basically slept the entire time we were on the highway and only got slightly upset when I had to turn off to get gas, but even then she was fine. She's super happy to be exploring the room though. So that's it for today now I'm just hanging out watching TV cuddling my kitty.

Oh and the Apple Turkey thing? That's how my Grandpa got my Dad to remember the name.


I've made it to Winslow, Az. It's been a gorgeous drive and only about 3 more hours and I'll be done for the day. Arizona is a weird landscape, I always forget when I haven't been in a while, but the plateaus out of completely flat vistas is something to behold. On my drive through Flagstaff there was done snow on the sides of the road, that always adds to the beauty of the area.


I drive over the state border of Arizona right at 9 this morning, not too much to report, but it sure is an alien landscape.

Sunrise and wind farms

I've made it to Indio, got to see a beautiful sunrise and the always awesome wind farms.

Chchch Changes

So I think it's pretty well documented that I suck at sticking to blogging with any regularity. Part of the reason for that is that I didn't feel like there was much to update people on and part of that is that most of the people that I want to update on my life I either see or talk to on a regular basis. Well boys and girls, as the title of this post suggests that's all changing today.
Why is that changing you ask? This morning I am packing up the car complete with kitty and moving to Kansas.
But what about Steve? Are you leaving him behind? Well, yes, but only until later in the month when he is driving out to join me.
There were a lot of factors that went into this decision. California is a very expensive place to live and the taxes are very high. We'd come to realize that we would never be homeowners if we stayed out here and the quality of life hasn't been great for us. My Dad and I have had a great many conversations over the years regarding the difference between working to live and living to work. Steve's job had him working on average 70 hours per week including some off duty time, all for a job he couldn't stand. I was commuting 25 miles each way to work usually averaging 40 hours per week at a job that I was hired to work 30, including of after hours work. Then it was cemented for us, on October 31, 2013 I was laid off from my job, that's right, on Halloween. We had always managed to get by before, but now who knew. As some of you know my parents moved to Kansas about 4 years ago, we fell just love with it they did when visited last fall, and so seemed like a perfect meeting of circumstances.
So here I am driving off into the sunrise (can't be sunset I'm going east) in search of a new adventure. We are going to miss our friends dearly and there's really no getting around that. I'm really hoping some of you decide to come visit us, you're all more than welcome anytime. I'm going to post some update stuff as I drive through 6 states in 2 days like a crazy old cat lady with Tink by my side.