Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What to Wear to a Funeral

So a week ago one of my regular customers had a stroke, she lost the ability to speak, she passed away 2 days later on Friday of rodeo weekend.  She was 94, her name was Peggy and she drank more White Zinfindel than I've seen anyone do.  She ordered a glass everytime she came in.  She was big into social media, loved to golf and was still very active in the community.  Today was her funeral.  It was a great funeral full of people who loved her and music she loved.  I have a weird relationship with funerals.  I really don't agree with mourning those who have gone before us.  I was always taught that we should celebrate their lives.

I live in an agricultural community who are quite frugal and wouldn't own an outfit they could only wear a couple times a year to a funeral so you see all kinds of things at funerals around here.  Today I decided I should wear something Peggy would approve of and that would be comfortable, yet still appropriate, in the 94 degree heat.

I chose some awesome black and dark cornflower blue leggings from Target along with an awesome white embroidered button down top that has a knit back.  The knit back is essential when you are well endowed up top, it keeps things stretchy, but still looks polished.  I also wore my favorite black flats from Nuture, they are comfy and they stand up to the rugged terrain around here.  To round out my outfit, I wore some awesome Mother of Pearl wrapped earrings and a necklace made from old broaches that one of my other regulars gave me. And as usual I topped it off with my signature bright red lipstick.

 So, how do you feel about funerals, do you mourn or celebrate?  Do you ever think about how you want yours to go?