Thursday, December 30, 2010

Startin Out My 28 things

Sorry I've been so quiet, Christmastime kind of kicked my ass this year.  I made 4 stockings, worked my ass off, made 4 hats for my cousin's kids and almost finished my Dad's sweater.  I haven't really gotten to do any sewing for myself since I posted my goal of 28 items for me for my 28th birthday, but I started last night. So this week our office has been closed, I've still had to work a bunch from home, but it's given me time to do my annual deep cleaning of the house, I still need to do our bedroom, but it's only Thursday so I should be good.  But last night after I got the living room in order I cut out and serged my first project for my 28 things, it's Simplicity 3697 in View D.  This is out of some of the fabric my Mom got me for my birthday, I love it.  Here's a couple in progress pics, I'll post more when it's done:
DSC_0003 DSC_0004

Also, I woke up this morning and looked out the window and this is what I found, yep, that's ice outside my window. DSC_0005I live in So Cal, there should not be ice outside my window.

Monday, December 20, 2010

28 for 28

So obviously I didn't do so well with the whole NaBloWriMo thing, but I really am trying to get better about writing more often. Anyway, I decided to delve into an idea inspired by Regan of Stitch in my Side.  She made 32 things for herself in the year leading up to her 32nd bithday and as I always have great aspirations of things to make for myself but get side tracked by projects for other people I've decided to make 28 things for myself for my 28th birthday.  I put together an inspiration board:
28 Things Collage.jpg
I'd like to start wearing more skirts, especially in my non work life.  I like the way I look in skirts, but rarely wear them outside of work because I'm more used to wearing pants.  I'm going to start with some fabric my Mom got me for my birthday, a purple, black and grey plaid to make a long a-line skirt.  I'll post pics as soon as I'm done.  It may take a little while as I've still got one stocking to finish for Christmas and one hat for my cousin's kids.

I've got 360 days until my birthday and 28 items to go!