Wednesday, April 10, 2013

One More Time With Feeling

Ok, so after a failed all juice attempt earlier this year i was at my 2013 starting weight, hubby still has about 30 lbs he wants to lose and I have almost 100, so we started in again this week, we're on day 3 and I'm down 5.2, while I know a lot of this is water weight, it makes the first 3 day funk easier to bear.  I'm hoping to make it to Aug 1, since we have to go to my cousin's wedding on the 3rd and the last time I saw my family was at my wedding where I was at very close to my highest weight ever.  So I can use all the encouragement I can get, I've set up non-food rewards for every week I finish so that it's not tied to weight and just tied to sticking with it.  I am pledging to go as far as I can go. Like last time though I will be adding in some protein powder as I plan on looking into hot yoga next week.