Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Item 4! T-shirt Scarf!

Ok, so this almost seems like a cheat because it was so easy, but I love it anyway and I'm counting it! I made a t-shirt scarf.  Indiana Adams of Adored Austin started a site called Made This/Love This and the first project was a t-shirt scarf,  I love it, it's easy and it looks super cute!  Please ignore the unmade bed, that's how we roll most mornings.

Another Finished Item

Woo Hoo!  I'm posting item 3 of my 28 things, I know I'm going to need to buckle down if I want to finish, but I had to take the machine in to be serviced (apparently you're supposed to do that WAY more often than I do) and then I was having some back muscle shenanigans, but I'm better now, so the sewing is going to come back in full force.  Anyhow, here's my 3rd item, SLIPPERS!  I love them, they are so toasty and took me all of 2 hours to knit. They only have 19 rows each!  The pattern is the Duffers by Knitting if not Eccentric and I made them out of Lamb's Pride Bulky.  I used some puffy paint to make them not so slippery and it works great!