Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ideal Protein Week 2

So I've made it through the first 2 weeks of Ideal protein.  I'm down 11.3 lbs and that feels amazing.  I'm also down 1.25" in my chest, and 1" in my waist so I'm not complaining about that!  It hasn't been too hard to stick to, but I think it helps that my Mom, Dad and Steve are all doing this diet as well.  Breakfasts have basically been some kind of drink, vanilla, cappuccino, orange, that kind of thing, we've been trying to switch up lunch a bit,  the pasta isn't bad with one of the soups used as a sauce, and the "chicken patty" isn't too bad over salad, but our favorite lunch has been the chili. When I make it I add lots of zucchini, cabbage and raw onion to it and then we stir in some salsa to add some heat, delicious!  The thing that has kept me going through this all is the dinners, my Mom and I have been able to get really inventive with the dinners, stir fries, soups, big salads, below are a couple pics of the things we've been enjoying.



The munchkin comes in today at 2:30, and I can't wait, it will be so awesome having him here this summer!  I think that's it for me for now.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ideal Protein

So I've been gone for a while.  The job I started shortly after moving here didn't work out.  I was working way too many hours and I was super stressed, sounds like when we lived in Cali.  The difference here is that I don't need to work that many hours to survive, so I quit.  It's given me a great chance to help my Mom out with some things and we're looking at starting a business locally together.  I love that we live in a place now where that is a viable option and not something to add on top of working a million hours a week.  I'll keep you all updated on all of that as it progresses.

Those of you who have known me for any length of time, or read the blog for any length of time, know that I have struggled with my weight and consequently my body image for the majority of my life.  I was always a somewhat chubby kid and that just continued to progress as I got older until, at the biggest of my life, I weighed 260 lbs.  I was wearing a size 22-24 and I was very unhappy.  I managed to take and keep off 25 lbs since December of 2011 when I had to make a decision before I ended up not being able to walk up the 3 flights to my office at that time.  I'm proud of the fact that I've kept that weight off, but the fact of the matter is that I'm still about 100 lbs overweight.  That's nothing to sneeze at kids, that's pretty major.  Over a lifetime of dieting I've realized a few things about myself:
1. I have minimal self control abilities which has a lot to do with:
2. I have amazing rationalization capabilities, this is why things like Weight Watchers don't work well for me long term, if I have points left at the end of the day I would be just as likely to eat something healthy like popcorn as I was to eat a snickers bar.
3. I am somewhat impatient with diet results, this is why juicing was so appealing to me, but that's not a good long term diet for me.
4. I do really well with regimented eating plans, like juicing, Jenny Craig, that type of thing.

All of this came into play when my cousin, who's husband is a chiropractor and struggles with weight as well, mentioned the Ideal Protein diet to my Mom and I.  Now, I'm not one who normally gets behind diets where you have to eat a lot of processed food, but after talking to my cousin, who feels the same way, I felt a lot better about the ingredients and the fact that they have you take lots of supplements and you eat 4 cups of veggies a day and as much lettuce as you want.  So that brings us to bringing this up to Steve and my Dad, who were both on board and we started today.  It's a different experience, but a good one all in all.

About the food, it feels a little bit like when you were a kid and you'd go to the space center and get astronaut food.  It all comes in little metallic bags which you open up and either mix with cold water or boil or mix with cold water and then heat.  You do get 2 cups of veg with lunch and 2 cups with dinner along with 6-8 oz of animal protein.  The food isn't amazing, except of course for the veg, but I'm using this as more of a type of medicine rather than a lifestyle, which it isn't meant to be.  Once I get down to my goal weight I'll reintroduce complex carbs to take my body out of ketosis, and at that point I'm thinking I'll want to do a clean eating diet.  We'll see.  I'm hoping to update everyone on my progress and to that end here are some before pics, not the prettiest pics I've ever taken but I'd really like to be able to see the difference as I go along, I find that's a huge help for me.