Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 28 of Juicing

So we are now on day 26 of the juice cleanse with 34 more to go.  We’re doing pretty well, though it is hard with friends and such as eating is such a big part of our social lives.  I’m super happy with the  progress to date, I’m down 23.2 lbs and just look at the progress pics.  I’m down a total of 52 lbs since my birthday so I’m now more than half way to my goal for the year, so that’s way exciting.  I’ve started running again recently and it’s amazing how much faster I can run now.  I’m hoping to participate in a run either this summer or early this fall.  I’ve also started doing some yoga and after we’re done with the cleanse I want to start doing Bikram Yoga at a new place by us called Purple Yoga, I think the detoxing aspect of the Bikram would be really good.  I’ve been reading up on it and it feels like it would be a good fit.  They have a 2 week unlimited program so I can try it.  For some reason I had really bad lower back pain today, not sure why, though we did switch fiber pills yesterday so I’m switching back tonight to see if that makes it better.  Thankfully the back pain has almost completely gone away now, so that’s a relief.  Overall I think this has been a great experience and I’m glad that Steve is doing this with me, I don’t know that I would make 60 days on my own.  I really miss chewing, not so much food, though there are things that sound really good, but mostly I just miss the act of eating and being able to sit down for a meal with people.  I’m hoping we get to go do something as a family this weekend as the last couple weeks have been pretty full of stuff and it would be nice to get a chance to hang out with my boys.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 17

Day 17 and down 19.2 lbs. People have started to notice, I've got complements on how much weight I've lost but also on how much my skin is glowing! I feel amazing, lots of energy and feeling really upbeat. 43 days to go!