Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Motivation

So my motivation this week is me!  Steve and I went for a "small" hike on Saturday to see how far away the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve is from our house, as we want to do a huge hike this summer when the munchkin is out here.  I want to say that Steve and I manage to make hikes way bigger than they were originally intended .  Well, this little hike turned out to be 12 miles long round trip.  What is so motivational about it for me is that I wasn't winded, nor did my body get tired throughout the entire thing.  Last summer we did an 8 mile hike I was ready to lie down and sleep on the trail after 4 miles.  This time I was good to go, I know that my training has helped and it gives me the motivation to keep going so that we can go on longer and harder hikes!  It also let me get the "Trail Shoe" badge on my Fitbit for getting more than 30,000 steps.  Now to work on the next badge!

Here's some pictures of the beauty of spring here in the county as witnessed on our hike.

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