Monday, November 8, 2010


So as promised here are some pics of Legoland with the munchkin and my parents!  I'll have pics of the estate sale stuff tomorrow, some of it is still in the dishwasher.

 Chris with my parents
 Steve lookin at the DC display
 Chris loved this one because he could break the pirate ship.
 This is in the Southern California Section, notice the young blond with the old guy.
 He liked that you could yell and hear yourself.
 Cracked me up, they were all like this.
 My Boys.
 My Parents think we should use this for our Christmas pics.
 Chris just about peed his pants in line for this ride, Steve had the time of his life.
 Chris liked this one because you got to get wet.
 This was his favorite of the day, he got his own drivers license.
Notice how much bigger my munchkin is than all the rest of the kids.  He's gotten so huge!

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