Friday, January 27, 2012

29 for 29

So as you probably noticed from my previous posts that I didn't quite finish my 28 for 28, but I got pretty darn close.  The best thing that it did for me was to concentrate on making some more things for me to wear and use. I've really enjoyed wearing my creations and have gotten some great comments on the things I've made. So in sort of the same vein I've decided to do a 29 for 29 for this year.  I know I'm starting kind of late, but this is a bit different than last years so I think I'll be ok.  The main theme this year is no theme, these are just 29 things that I would like to do before I turn 29, so without further delay, here's the list:

1. Get my office organized
2. Lose 100lbs (I'm already 11 lbs down since I started tracking on Dec 29, but 21 lbs total since I started my weight loss journey right around my 28th b-day)
3. Make zombie quilt
4. Finish decorating the wall above the piano
5. Finish restoring the piano (and get it tuned)
6. Make a rug for the dining room
7. Learn to do a full bust adjustment on sewing patterns
8. Finish knee socks
9. Make Steve's Marine Corps Quilt
10. Run a 5k
11. Read 12 books
12. Make a clock for the clock wall
13. Submit a piece of art to an art show
14. Get my next tattoo
15. Get a new mattress
16. Visit my parents in Kansas
17. Make a bra
18. Wear shorts with pride
19. Refinish the bathroom bench
20. Decorate my office at work
21. Buy a pair of TOMS
22. Repaint my desk at home
23. Recover or Slip Cover a chair
24. Buy/build a new comp
25. Finish spinning yarn from 2011
26. Weave something from start to finish
27. Sew a shirt
28. Re-decorate Chris' room with him
29. Make matching travel accessories


  1. Good luck on your list of 29!! You must be very skilled and talented to accomplish that list. I am struggling with just the weight loss!! Best to you in 2012!!

  2. What a great list! I cannot even fathom how I would begin to make a bra!;) How amazing that you've lost 28 lbs - good for you!

    cate @