Sunday, January 5, 2014

I made it!

Sorry this post didn't come sooner, I attempted to post it from my phone and it still says it's posting 2 days later.  I did make it to Kansas Friday evening around 6 PM.  It was a beautiful drive in, Western Kansas is a little monotonous, but I got to see Greensburg, the town that was devastated by tornado and is rebuilding using ecofriendly building practices.  That was pretty cool.  The sunset was gorgeous and Tink did really well, I let her out of her kennel because she was not a happy camper.  She spent the majority of the time under the passenger seat and would pop up to check our progress from time to time.  I'm really glad to be here, everything's been great.  We got a couple inches of snow last night and it is beautiful, fluffy, dry snow, my favorite kind.  I'm heading out to the house we're housesitting at today to get the lay of the land.  From what I hear it's beautiful, I can't wait!  I'll post more soon...

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  1. I'm glad your travels were safe! Enjoy the midwest winter ;)