Friday, March 9, 2012

Chris' Room

So item number 28 on my 29 for 29 was to redecorate Chris’ room with him and we’ve done it!  We finally got the sister-in-law and her boyfriend out of the house and Chris got his room back, so off we went to Ikea.  We let Chris walk around the entire bed department and choose the bed he wanted and he decided on a twin size unfinished wood bed with an unfinished side table to match.  So we took down the old bed and cleaned the room out, got rid of all the old toys he doesn’t play with any more, some we gave to our friends, Matt and Jess, for their son Nolan and the rest we donated.  Then we stained the bed with a blue stain and the side table with a green stain from Minwax and it ended up looking really cool.  We also put up all his jerseys from football and soccer and a couple shelves for his trophies.  We found the coolest skateboard hanger from Target so we put that up and hung his skateboard and Chris picked out some Shaun White stickers from Target and put those up all over his room.  Oh, he also got a hamster for getting straight A’s last semester, so Max the hamster got a really cool cage and a place of prominence by the sink.  I think that’s it, but his room looks much older now and really show’s how much he’s growing up.  And I know, a blog post is nothing without pics, so here's the room!

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