Friday, November 4, 2011

Oh November Rain, you remind me of my favorite places...

When I got up for work today it was a bit gloomy, but then it's November, that's pretty much how it is everyday.  So I went about my business and took a shower, blew my hair dry, got dressed and noticed that it was raining.  Not just raining, but pouring, so I changed into a sweater instead of the short sleeved top I had originally chosen, grabbed my umbrella and took off for work.  Now those of you who've lived in Southern California know that we normally don't have real rain, but today it was crazy and totally random.  As I drove down the freeway I'd drive through torrential downpour that my windshield wipers had a hard time keeping up with and then it would be completely dry.  As the day went on it cleared up, which reminded me of Steve and my time in Washington for our honeymoon, 2 years ago this week.  While we were there we fell in love with the state as a whole and Seattle in particular.  Our dream is to move up there after Chris is in college and live outside the city on a plot of land somewhere.  Driving through the rain today gave me that same feeling I had up there, when Steve and I got to spend a week with no distractions, we were 45 min out of cell range with no cable or internet, and how wonderful it was.  I really believe I found my soul mate with Steve, he's the most wonderful man I've ever met and he's my best friend.  There really aren't many people I could spend an entire week with and not want to strangle, but with him it was like a week wasn't enough.  Well, until we drove home and he decided that it would be an awesome idea to drive it all in one go, Glacier, WA to Tustin, CA in 20.5 hours, 1,282 miles, in a truck with my hubby and audio books.  I slept most of the way, but even that was fun, though I still think Steve is a little insane for doing it.

A little blurry but this was the drive home

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