Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Item 2 of the 28

For my second item in the 28 items for my 28th birthday I made the Glorious Cabled Mitts (ravelry link).  They were super fun to knit and I love that they have a left and right, so they fit well with my thumbs.  I also love that the palm is ribbed making it form to the shape of my hand better.  I love these for the office because if I forget to take them off when a client comes in I don't look like a vagabond who's just been sleeping at the office.  I used Blue Moon Fiber Arts Medium Weight Socks That Rock in the Shadow Colorway and I think the subtle color variegation looks great in this pattern.

So this is item 2 of the 28. I'll post as soon as I have pictures of item 1.

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